Annie Beatty Iyengar Yoga 

Annie Beatty qualified as an Iyengar Yoga teacher in 1995.
She has studied in India twice and regularly attends workshops with Indian and other senior teachers from the UK and abroad.
She has been chair of Midland Counties Iyengar Yoga group since 2016.
She is chair of the Children, Young Adults and Families committee for Iyengar Yoga UK., a sub-committee which she founded in 2020 after many years campaigning for greater representation for younger people and support for families, in the Iyengar Yoga community.

Annie is also a primary school teacher, a mother of five children and so far a grandmother of two little folk.  Her husband has supported her in her yoga studies taking care of the family whilst many weekends and evenings have been given up to her passion.

BKS Iyengar

Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja (BKS) Iyengar 

14 th December 1918,  Bellur, India - 20th August 2018

Through his absolute dedication to the subject of yoga, BKS Iyengar took the practice across the globe.  Many teachers studied with him every year for one month or more, whilst some only met him once.  Other teachers never met him for they had other commitments of family, work, financial to name a few.  His light on the subject of yoga was so bright that it could endure continents, travelling in the hearts of those who met him, to the students of his students.  He demanded the fullness of his students, and in return for their efforts, they received the fullness of his wisdom through Asana, through his perceptiveness, through his presence.

When you have been shown something precious, it is a responsibility to take care of it.  That is how his work will continue, as we endeavour to keep our own practice bright with the timeless light of Yoga and make the ancient art ever relevant in every day.

Sage Patanjali, the said Father of Yoga, wrote his first comment (known as a sutra) on Yoga:

atha yoga anushasanam 

now the practise of yoga begins

So, each and every time we come to our practice, it is now, and now and now.